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It all starts with this... your Volkswagen key

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SIDEWINDER KEYS for Volkswagen cars

I do cut Audi and Porsche HAA keys by picture and codes, email for pricing

Some people have inquired about the performance rating of my services.

I do not participate in social media, sorry, no twitter, no facebook. I have 2 demonstration 15 second youtube videos

I get referals from among other websites.

The key service is an avocation within my vocation of VW repair and service. So far as I know, all of my key customers are satisfied, no paypal chargebacks, etc. Since 2010 over 1500 key transactions (since paypal changed the numbering system). 

I try to provide a service for the 1998 to 2005 cars in order to avoid going to the dealer where there is a lot of misinformation. I can help with remotes on the 2006 to 2010 cars with separate remotes but keys and activation is by dealer only. See your local VW dealer for 2011 to 2015 cars as it is more economical for them to provide these one piece flip keys with the black emblem, unless you have a stealership. Price though the parts department, not service.

The information offered here is free, there is no obligation when you inquire. I do not spell out all costs until you at least give me a vin or model year in order to give you the correct information. Keys may look alike, but chips are different from model to year and remotes change from model and year.

Many of my email responses are one line, short and direct. Do not take it personally or as me being gruff, I get a lot of questions, it takes a lot of time to answer them, sorry, no pleasantries in many of my replies. Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

I have been making keys since 1983, first for myself, then by pictures sent through the mail through the 80's, then by faxing the picture in the 90's then by digital picture when email and the Internet came about. I have made thousands of keys over the Internet by picture since the early 2000's. Each key profile has a specific bitmap pattern, keys are not infinite but finite, there are only so many solutions to the patterns.

I am located on the east coast USA in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area.

I receive inquires without a vin or picture of the key. Please provide a vin so I know what vw you are making an inquriy about, picture as a JPEG or PDF, please, no megapixel pictures, resize and check focus. If it looks blurry to you, it is blurry to me.




Click here for older keys 1949 to 1979
Click here for 80's and 90's conventional keys (not innerprofile)

Click here for Eurovan keys


Flip key, something that operates locks

Remote, something that locks and unlocks doors by radio frequency transmission

FOB, a decorative thingy that hangs on your key chain, not a key not a remote

Laser, had nothing to do with making your key

Valet key, only works in the door and ignition, does not fit into any other lock even though it is cut the same


SIDEWINDER KEYS = inner profile HAA

If you own a 2004 to 2010 Touareg, Phaeton, or 2006 to 2010  Volkswagen Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat,  Tiguan,  Routan, CC. You will need to see your local Volkswagen Dealer for keys. Keys sold on the Internet and eBay may not work with these cars due to a unique system that the automotive lock world did not make any software. We can help with the price of the remote if your remote separates from the flip key. But you will have to visit your VW dealer to have the new remote activated when the dealer activates the new key. 2011-2016 owners, please see your local VW dealer, the pricing is really not that bad unless you have a "stealership". If your VW has a push to start button, highly suggest a dealer visit. Lost all keys 2006 to date is tow it to the dealer and get 2 keys made. New keys will turn in the lock but the engine will not start. Making the engine run is a separate function. Only a VW dealer can make your new 2006 to 2010 key start the engine and if your car has the FAZIT security system found in 2006 to 2010 vws.  If you need a hide-a-key or "surfer key" solution, we can help with that, but the key will work all the locks but never start the car. Send scan of your drivers license on top of your title/registration for surfer keys. This is a security precaution for YOU.  Keys will only be shipped to the address on the credentials for 2006 and newer VWs. I will not make keys for Touareg and Phaeton, not even surfer keys.

Both sides of the key are cut the same, valet keys have the same cut too.
Main keys and flip keys are HAA, the valet key is NAA, that is the difference.
The NAA blade has a wide edge preventing it from entering the other locks.


Take a picture of your key today, it may be your spare someday as I can make a new key from that photo.

Email it to yourself. It costs you nothing, it may be priceless one day, for you, when you have lost your last key.

After you send your vin and a picture of one side of your key blade (both sides are the same) pointing to the right, you will then receive a list of items and options specific to your Volkswagen. Your order number will be your key cutting code 4 digit number. Nobody else but me or a VW dealer could tell you your key code from a picture or VIN. This is not your skc immo code.
Please do not send mega-pixel pictures, kb is ok. FOCUS is important. A 15 mega-pixel image is worthless if blurry. The image on this page is less than 19000 bytes thats 19 kb or 0.0019 mega-pixel. Please do not send multiple pictures of the same key or pictures of your entire flip key, I know what a flip key looks like......
Make your choices and an itemized paypal invoice will be sent. I try to cut keys and mail them with the US Postal Service within 2 business days after payment is received. You will receive an email from paypal with tracking information when I ship your order with Paypal shipping.



This lock cylinder is from a New Beetle with a date code and key code, very hard to see, center punch dimpled numbers.
Code on locks seem to only be found on New Beetles from 1998 to 2002 after that, only the date code is marked.
261199 is 26 November 1999 (2000 model year), key code 01840
The convertibles only have a date code, no key cutting code.

LOST KEYS: If you do not have the key tag with the key code, the code from the lock cylinder, or a picture of your key, or current title / registration documents showing you as the owner, or do not wish to send sensitive ownership information, you will need to remove the drivers door lock cylinder and mail it to me. The procedure is to remove the plug on the edge of the door, pull the door handle 1/2 way, hold it 1/2 way, unscrew the t20 torx screw about 10 full turns. Wiggle the cylinder and it should slide out. You can also, through the screw access hole, push the cylinder out. The cam mechanism is temperamental and often sticks to the cylinder. DO NOT DAMAGE IT as you will then have to take the entire door apart to repair or replace it from the inside. The screw does not screw into the cylinder itself on the Golf, Jetta, or Passat. It does on New Beetle Convertibles. There is a $20 surcharge for the first key to decode the door lock or $60 surcharge to provide a key by credentials which can take up to 2 weeks to process.

Note: only on the New Beetle hard top, you may see the date code and key code on the lock cylinder, email a picture of the code and provide the code with date as it is hard to read the dimpled digits. You may need to clean the area. You do not need to send the cylinder if we have a code. All other VW models 1998 to 2005 must send drivers door lock when all keys are lost, those locks do not have codes on them.

When you read that you must have a working key to program a key, this means you must have a key to turn the ignition switch ON, so when you receive your keys, you will have a WORKING key, it just will not start the car until programmed.



The tag below is not a key code number.


Black tag pictured above is a VIN tag, it was attached to the key ring when the car was new so you could determine by vin which keys went to which car on the VW dealers lot. The digits are the last 6 digits of the vin.

Please do not call us on the phone about sidewinder keys.

Send us an email with your vin and if possible an image of your key blade. We really cannot stop what we are doing and answer questions on the phone without that information first. You will receive a reply with prices, and instructions according to your specific car. Keys are not dependent on model, such as doors, wagon, hatchback, engine type, transmission type, none of this matters to the key application.

Credentials are not needed on cars over 10 years old unless we are making a key by vin.


Can I really do this?:

The answer is yes, since 2006 making sidewinder keys without one to copy from, using only a picture to determine the key code, providing keys by decoding door lock for cars with lost keys. I specialize in Volkswagen keys only.

Since 1982 I have been cutting keys for the older Volkswagens. Customers would leave their car and forget to leave the key. Within minutes, I could make a key and service the car, and charge the customer for the extra key..... they were cheap back then.

Code cutting: Is when you cut the key without a key to physically copy. Copy cut is when the key is present and you use it to copy the pattern to the new key being cut.  Very few people actually have a spare key to send for me to copy. I usually code cut every new key.  By doing this, it does not put your only key at risk of being lost in the mail, twice, on the way here and on the way back to you. The cost of express postage both ways is more than the surcharge for making the key this way.


Since 2000 All VW vehicles are now equipped with a state of the art electronic Immobilizer anti-theft system. The critical component in this system is a sophisticated electronic anti-theft device—the Immobilizer. The Immobilizer activates when the ignition key is removed and, together with the engine control unit, largely prevents unauthorized starting of the engine. The Immobilizer interacts with a transmitter and receiver unit (transponder) in the key body (not the remote portion). Whenever an attempt is made to start the engine, the Immobilizer transmits a new code to the car's electronics. The Immobilizer keeps the ignition, fuel and electric steering systems locked unless a key with the proper code is used to start the vehicle.
The Smart Key
From 2000 to date, even an exact physical duplicate of a key cannot start the vehicle unless the key's transponder and the vehicle's Immobilizer have been coded to each other. A handshake that requires software to complete.
Replacement Keys
Replacing a transponder key can be costly. Coding a replacement key for your vehicle requires the vagTACHO software. This equipment can also be used to disable a key which is lost or stolen by reactivating the remaining keys to the vehicle. Since the absent key is not present, it will not be included in the group of keys that are authorized to start the car.
Key = something that starts the car,
Remote = something that opens the doors.
One has nothing to do with the other. They are separate systems, the parts just clip together.
A "fob" is that decorative thing that hangs on your key ring, not a key, not a remote.
A laser had nothing to do with making your key, it did not cut it, nobody has a laser to cut keys.
The groove is milled on a machine, it just cuts a groove that is not straight = the term sidewinder. 



Q: Can I order a cut blade and put it in a new or used flip key?

A: No, the flip has a rfid chip that will only work with the car it came from, only a car without the immo system or immo defeat will this work

Q: Can you provide me with the SKC to program my key?

A: No, only you can do that, the code is in the software of your instrument cluster, the vagTACHO program will extract it and will also activate a new key in your 2000 to 2005 VW jetta beetle passat, 2000 to 2006 golf

Q: Can you provide software for 2010 and newer keys, and software for 2006 and newer Audi

A: No, my version vagtacho does not, I do not support the use or sell these keys

Q: Do I need software to make the remote lock and unlock the doors?

A: for cars up to 2005 No, but your remote must be the correct part for your model, they all look alike. Your door latch must function properly, From 2006 it is done with the key activation.


Guarantee: Most all keys cut and provided by me work properly. On occasion some keys need adjustments. On rare occasions I make a mistake and cut the key to the wrong code. Keys will be replaced. There are no refunds. We will work through the problem. The purpose is to be successful. Refunds would not be a solution. I have been doing this a long time. Key orders are usually shipped within 2 business days, often the same or next day after payment is received.

 Remote Matching

Sidewinder Volkswagen key application 1998 to 2005.5

This guide will be updated as information and applications are verified. Volkswagen does not 
have a comprehensive application guide or chart. Nor is their parts application of these remotes complete or specific.

Please understand any remote for that year group of Volkswagen can be matched to any VW in the same group.

This is called matching the remote to the car. This is the 2 key procedure and has nothing to do with the key itself or starting the car.

One remote can be matched to any number of Volkswagens that it is designed to work for. It transmits a digital signal. You teach the car to respond to that unique signal. Have a 2002 Jetta, Passat, Golf and New Beetle, it can open doors on all of them, and if the 4 cars are close together, it can lock and unlock all of them at the same time.

Keys are activated. The car sends a pulse through a coil of wire located around the ignition switch. The chip in the key is excited by the pulse. If the chip has been imprinted with the identity of the car, it will see its reflection and allow the motor to run.

Keys previously activated to a different car cannot be imprinted with a new identity. (write only) so used keys will not work on another VW. Just as the blade has been cut, the chip has been burned. You cannot uncut a key or un-burn the chip. Only the remote portion can be used with another Volkswagen. 

text and content of this website are the property of protected by copyright © may be used with permission and credit to the site.

Most often misunderstood is programming. Programming the button REMOTE portion of the folding key unit is simple and is referred to as matching.

Test: There are 3 steps. Defective door latch micro switches are a problem and will prevent you from making the remote work. (1) You must be able to lock the drivers door and have the red l.e.d. alarm light next to the lock button blink. If it does not blink, the alarm does not know the door is closed and will not go into matching mode. (2) If it does blink, unlock the door, it should stop blinking. If it does not stop blinking when the door is unlocked, the door latch is defective. (3) Last test, roll the window down, close the door, lock the door, now reach inside and open the door, did the alarm sound? no? you have a bad door latch. Bad micro switches cannot detect the lock or unlock position and the system will not go into matching mode. There is no software procedure or VW dealer that can override this situation. The system is stuck, the latch must be replaced.   If it did sound, reset the alarm by locking and unlocking the door,  you can then proceed.

You do need 2 keys to make the remote work without using software.

Put one key in the ignition switch, turn ignition on, do not start engine. Close the door,(you are outside of the car with the remote key)  use 2nd key, turn door lock and hold in lock position for 10 seconds. Release key to neutral position. 
Press the unlock button on the remote, wait 2 seconds and press the unlock button again, the turn signal lights will flash (light in the fender will blink). 
This indicates your remote matches the car system and is now recognized. Unlock the door with the key, remove the other key from the ignition. Have all keys and remotes in your hand. Close the door. (you are outside the car) Remote should now work.   If you have 2 remotes and now the new remote works and the old remote does not, someone in the past has set the number of remotes to the system at one. You will need to use vagcom software to increase the number of remotes in system 46. Set it to four. It does not matter if you do not have four.

Remotes DO NOT WORK with the ignition on or if a key is in the ignition switch. They only respond during matching with the ignition on. If you have more than one remote, you must repeat the procedure and REMOVE the key from the ignition each time. Removing the key from the ignition finalizes the procedure.

Some 2005 to 2007 Volkswagens using the H remote, same procedure, but only unlock door with key and don't hold it, then press button once as soon as you unlock the door manually with the key.  Some H and P sufix remotes can only be programmed at the dealer when the key is being activated.

So don't pay someone or a dealer for these instructions in hopes of getting the KEY to function with the car. 
Instructions are only for the keyless entry to unlock the door, not for the key to allow the engine to run.

The HAA keys are cut by using your serial number to the car (vin dependent) There is a 4 digit key code, unless you are the original owner or you have the black zip tie tag that was attached to the black valet key,  you will not have the key code.  We use an image of your key to verify the code to be cut. I provide the key code as a courtesy during the ordering process, it is your order number. There are over 6000 cutting codes. It is not the SKC.

Applications contained here-in are for the Volkswagens in North America. Volkswagen has 7 markets worldwide. Due to frequency licensing in different countries the remotes will have other part numbers similar to ones here in the USA. Example, the oval 2 button E and the 3 button F in Europe are G and H. Asia uses A and B. They are not interchangeable between countries.

Here is the short version of keys and systems:

With the response you may receive further questions to clarify that you understand what you are ordering,  this is not intended as a hard sell tactic, but if you only request a key and your car requires software to activate the new key, I do not want to sell a key that will not start the car and have you want to return it because you do not want to spend the extra money on software or a dealer visit for activation. So please explain your situation with your request. If you have and immo defeat or remote start setup, let me know for custom choices. You may be eligible for the surfer key solution.

 Please do not send multiple pictures of the same key, both sides are the same

Credentials are not needed on cars over 10 years old.

1998-1999 New Beetle: any HAA key works, 3 button remote = 1J0959753F and 1J0959753T, no immobilizer system CONTACT US by clicking here to order a key, please include your vin, also include a picture of the key pointing to the right  You will receive your key cutting code and a price list of keys available for your Beetle. No dealer visit or software needed for keys.

1998 to 2000, 2001 Passat (to vin 050000): any HAA Key works, 3 button remote 1J0959753F (E = wagon) and 1J0959753T (S = wagon), no immobilizer system CONTACT US by clicking here to order a key, please include your vin, also include a picture of the key pointing to the right  You will receive your key cutting code and a price list of keys available for your Passat. No dealer visit or software needed for 

1999 1/2 Golf & Jetta: any HAA key works, 3 button remote = 1J0959753F and 1J0959753T. no immobilizer system CONTACT US by clicking here to order a key, please include your vin, also include a picture of the key pointing to the right  You will receive your key cutting code and a price list of keys available for your Golf or Jetta. No dealer visit or software needed for keys.

2000 to 2001 Golf, Jetta & Beetle: any HAA key with a new rfid chip can work, 3 button remote = 1J0959753F and 1J0959753T. yes, immobilizer system CONTACT US by clicking here to order a key, please include your vin, also include a picture of the key pointing to the right  You will receive your key cutting code and a price list of keys available for your Golf Jetta or Beetle. I sell software to avoid a dealer

2002 to 2005.6 Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat 2001.5 to 2005: any HAA key with a new rfid chip can work, remote= 1J0959753AM or DC .  yes, immobilizer system CONTACT US by clicking here to order a key, please include your vin, also include a picture of the key pointing to the right  You will receive your key cutting code and a price list of keys available for your 2002 to 2005.6 Golf Jetta New Beetle, 2001.5 to 2005 Passat. I sell software to avoid a dealer visit.

2006 to 2007, Golf vin prefix 9bw and confirm AM or DC remote: any HAA key with a new rfid chip can work, remote= 1J0959753AM or DC .  yes, immobilizer system CONTACT US by clicking here to order a key, please include your vin, also include a picture of the key pointing to the right  You will receive your key cutting code and a price list of keys available for your 2006 to 2007 Golf. I sell software to avoid a dealer visit.


2005.7 to 2009 Golf, Jetta; newer HAA key 1T0, remote= 1K0959753H, 1K0959753P, yes, immobilizer system. Dealer visit required.

2005.7 to 2006.2  New Beetle; newer HAA key 1T0, remote= 1J0959753AM or DC, yes, immobilizer system & Dealer visit required.

2006.3 to 2010 New Beetle; newer HAA key 1K0, remote =  1J0959753AM or DC, yes, immobilizer system & Dealer visit required.

Starting in 2010 the remote and key are one unit similar to the Phaeton and Touareg

2010.9 to 2010.12 Jetta 5K0837202 ( 3 button)

2011.1 to 2012.5 jetta 5K0837202Q

2012.4 up Jetta 5K0837202ad 3 button

2010.6 up Jetta 5K0837202ae (4 button)


note: decimal point refers to month of manufacture 2006.3 means March, 2005.6 means June

Volkswagens security key system is like the old bug with the cart in front of the horse, you program the car to the key, not the key to the car.

Starting in 1998 with the New Beetle and Passat, 1999 with the Golf IV and Jetta IV, the key may have a chip but does not need a chip, and does not need to be activated. The remote has the oval 3 button HLO 1J0 959 753 F (2 button E) . The remote does not have the chrome bar on the end, only the corner swivel loop to attach to a key ring. This remote will not work with 2001 and newer Volkswagens except Passat 98-01.5 without yellow key car light. (see picture below)  1J0959753F original application 11/98 to 04/00 does not have transponder computer chip for 5/99 to 05/01 and newer Some models, the transition date is different, look for the yellow car with the key under it when you turn the ignition on. Picture of 2000 jetta dash, see the yellow car? It only comes on for a few seconds when you turn the ignition on. Using a key not coded to the car will cause the light to blink and the engine will shut off. New beetle has the light at the top center of the speedometer and looks like the New Beetle outline.


keys/vw_key_yellow_light.jpg  keys/vw_key_yellow_light_new_beetle.jpg  keys/littleyelowkeycar2.jpg 


1J0959753T original application 10/00 to 05/01 but will work from 11/98 to 05/01 New Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat (original may look like F) 1J0959753AM original application 06/01 to 2005 New Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat but will not work on 05/01 and older cars In 2000 model year (around May 1999) the transition take place with immobilizer 1, (immo 1) the addition of a computer chip inside the key portion of the flip key. 2001 is a transition year. The remote changes to the squared buttons but the frequency of the button remote is the same as the older Volkswagens with the oval buttons. This remote will work on the older cars but not the newer cars. HLO 1J0 959 753 T It can be matched but not to the keyless entry of 2002 (May 2001) and newer Volkswagens. It has the newer look with the chrome bar on the end.

Starting late in 2001 to 2005 the squared button remote has a more common part number HLO 1J0 959 753 AM. This remote has a different frequency that works only to Golf IV Jetta IV Passat and New Beetle. It has the chrome bar and a computer chip. Replaced by HLO 1JO959753DC . You will need to use the Vagtacho software sold below or a VW dealer or Automotive Locksmith to activate the key. After the key is cut, it will work in the locks, start the engine, but the engine will shut off as a theft prevention if the engine computer has not been activated to recognize it. The security code can be found under the scratch-off on your key tag that came on the valet key when the car was new. If you have that, you can use Vag-Com or vcds software because you have the security code to enter system 17 or you will need to purchase the vagTACHO software from me.

 keys/keytag.jpg                    keys/key_tag_immo_code.jpg



Startiing in 2003 the white immo code tag was no longer included. This key will work in 2000 and older Volkswagens but the 3 button remote will not. It has a different frequency. Staring in 2005.5 the immobilizer III system started with canbus system.  In 2008 to 2009 the FASIT system started and only a VW dealer can activate or provide these keys. 

Flip Key 1998 to 2005.5: The portion of the key that is the key has a part number. This part number is never advertised because it is missing from the flip portion unlike the remote part. Your VW dealer sells you that part separate from the button remote part. That is why a remote key UNIT is so expensive. The key portion is $65 and the remote button portion is $80 for Passat and Jetta 2006 to 2007 HOL 1JO959753P, HLO 1K0959753H The Touareg 2004 to 2006 HLO 3D0959753T. The Phaeton HLO 3DO959753F

If you have a broken key blade, have it copied or code cut and install the blade, back onto your keyless entry unit.
No activation is needed.
If you have a good key blade but the remote is damaged or the flip mechanism cam is broken you can replace the cam key blade holding portion.  Go to the bottom of this page to buy the cam repair kit.
No activation is needed. Separate the remote from the flip key. Pry the emblem off.
Under the emblem is a Phillips screw, remove it. ( I sell replacement cam with pin and emblem) 
The halfs will separate. In the long slot there is a glass pill, looks like a long black grain of rice.
That is the computer chip. Remove the chip from the old flip and install in the new flip. It may be glued in, DO NOT BREAK IT $$$. 
Now the computer will recognize the new flip key as the old flip key. See picture at the bottom of this page.

Don't damage the glass chip, acetone will dissolve the glue, it must soak wet for 2 minutes ore more, break it  $$$ and car will not start. Glass is not affected by acetone. 

All flip keys are Main keys. The key pictured here is a Main key 219R profile HAA.

The all black Valet key 219AK profile NAA is a different blank (aka the mechanics key), it is cut the same but will not enter the glove box or trunk lock. There is a main key that it black 219S but it is the same price as the blue/white emblem key. There is no such thing as a master key for VW. (that would be like the key housekeeping uses in a hotel and the rooms are different cars) Markings on the key, Huff, w3, etc mean nothing, they are not codes. These keys do not have codes marked on them, some of the lock bodies of new beetles are dimple marked with the 4 digit lock code. Remove the door handle from the outside of the car, code is on body of cylinder housing.

Cabrio uses the key pictured above, there is no flip key application for the Cabrio. You must use the Clarion banjo style remote (NLA).

Cabrio 1999 does not have the immo system vin X806131 to X89900 but requires the Siemans chip,  key 3B0 R

Cabrio 2000 has the immo system vin Y800001 to Y804287  key 6N0 H   system wfs2

Cabrio 2001 has the immo system vin Y804288 to 2002 models key 6N0 P  system wfs3

1998-2002 Cabrio: HAA key work, immobilizer system CONTACT US by clicking here to order a key, please include your vin, also include a picture of the key pointing to the right  You will receive your key cutting code and a price list of keys available for your Cabrio. Dealer visit needed.

1998.5 to 2003 Eurovan AH Key, 2 button remote 7D0959753D , immobilizer system CONTACT US by clicking here to order a key, please include your vin, also include a picture of the key pointing to the right  You will receive a price list of keys available for your Eurovan. Dealer visit needed. click here for the eurovan page 

Even the regular key has a chip. In order to remove the chip for placement in defeating the immo system you may have to apply drops of acetone on the chip to dissolve the glue holding it in place. A few drops over 5 minutes will dissolve the glue. Then you can remove it without damage. The glass chip still in the key is from a Golf Jetta or Passat, the monolith chip on the right is from a Cabrio or Eurovan.


The information provided here is free. If it was worth it, or saved you time and money, please make a dontation, thanks

did I save you time or money?

Shipping Label:
Do you need to send something for service or repair?

You must print and send 1 page of our email communication with your item.
This allows me to locate our email string, your email address, our communications, etc. when the items arrive in the mail.
A PayPal invoice will be sent upon arrival for the services and items requested.

P.O. BOX 444

Need to send me something? Do you have PayPal? Yes? to make a label with PayPal through shipstation  Return shipping is whatever it costs you to send it to me.

You can choose 1st class mail for parcels less than 13 oz or Priority Mail,  both with free delivery confirmation, you can choose insurance too. No standing in line at the post office, just drop it in the mailbox! Two flip keys are about 4 oz when mailed first class in a bubble envelope. that will cost about $5.00  with PayPal shipping. If you stand in line a the post office, it will cost you $6.50 or more.  Priority Mail flat-rate envelope is around $10 online or more than $11 at the counter.

DO NOT SEND KEYS IN PLAIN REGULAR ENVELOPE, contents will break out and be lost in the mail. Use bubble or padded envelope.

DO NOT SEND SIGNATURE REQUIRED OR CERTIFIED MAIL,  $4.15 for Certified fee gets you NOTHING as it is used for legal requirements to prove delivery. Everything is tracked these days and yes, anything can get lost in the postal system whether it is insured, tracked, signed for, etc. Extra services DELAY delivery. The only extra services to purchase at the counter are INSURED or  TRACKING do not purchase BOTH (insured is tracked)

To send a flat metal key blade or key in a regular envelope for 68 cents, it must be pointing up / down, taped in place and sidewinder keys are thick, so thin cardboard must be used to keep the thickness uniform or the rollers in the high speed postal processing machines will catch it and damage the machine and your key will be lost. See picture below for example of how to mail a flat metal key.





Advanced programing to change instrument cluster click here. 
Emergency start if you know your immo code start

If you only have 1 key, you are tempting fate, order 2 new flip keys and a spare main key. Immobilizer vehicles can have up to 4 fully functioning keys.

Example of picture I need is below:


After you send your vin and a picture of your key blade, you will receive a list of items and options specific to your Volkswagen. Make your choices and an itemized paypal invoice will be sent. Keys are cut and usually mailed 2 business days after payment is received. (weekends and holidays not included)
For those of you who only want a regular key and do not want to use the keyless entry system (all have keyless entry), consider this, when the lock breaks, you will not be able to get into the car. Working the lock manually day in and day out will eventually cause a mechanical failure in the paddle / cam system on the back of the door lock cylinder. If vandals screwdriver your lock and damage it, same thing, you can't enter the car with the key. New Beetle and Golf you can get in through the hatch, Jetta and Passat you will have trouble. Remember to lube your locks with liquid lubricant DO NOT USE GRAPHITE. 

Pay through Paypal Paypal The items listed below are for single purchase and do not include any key cutting services. Please email for key cutting services and lost key cutting services.

If you wish to purchase more than 1 item, please email click here to email mark1service and a Paypal invoice will be sent. International sales require EMS shipping costs of $60 worldwide and First Class to E-del-con countries $13.50, remember that North America remotes do not work in most other European countries unless your car is from the usa market.


Solution Graphics


full version vagtacho up to 2005 cars, upgradeable, software download at, usa shipping only. $500.  You can rent it for 10 days (that covers 2 weekends) $40 includes shipping when ordering keys. Activation support by email and written instructions.  $10 per day rental after the 10 day period. After 30 days you own it. $15 paypal fee. $445 refunded when shipped back ontime. Tracking shows date delivered, date you ship back determines time used.


The purpose of using the vagTACHO software is to obtain your SKC (pin) to allow access to the key system in your cars OBD system. Not even your VW dealer can provide this information. 

Knowing the SKC also allows you to perform an emergency start with a key that has not been activated. So, if you have a hide-a-key that will not start the car, and you have lost the key to the car, on a trip, at the beach, or the chip is damaged from being driven over or you ran over it with the lawn mower, etc. Using the code, you can start the car and be on your way. So paying the dealer to activate your 2000 to 2005 key is truly money down the drain.

However, if you have lost your only key, and your car is stuck somewhere not secure, train station, on the street at a parking meter, you are far from home on a trip, contact your insurance company to have a qualified locksmith come out, make a key and activate it OR have it towed to a secure location, home, work, repair shop and contact me to make keys.


click here to download file win7 driver



ECU swapping information at Rosstech

usb driver instructions

Beetle, it will make the airbag light come on, the fault is the light itself as it turns the cluster off, then on, when it reads the code.

I do not have the ability to make you able to run the software, I can help you use it once you get it operational.
Vagtacho 2.5 on Windows 7 , Youtube link
1.       Download the file listed above if you do not have the win7 driver on your disc

2. Insert Vagtacho cable into USB slot, windows will come up with an error saying something like "no drivers installed/found"(If error doesn’t come up keep following the steps)

3. Close the warning message box & open Control Panel.

4. Go to View Devices & look for <USB - ISO> with a yellow exclamation mark.

5. Right Click & select "Update Driver". (If you don’t see this option then go to PROPERTIES, then go to Hardware and click on Properties, now go to change settings and you will see the option “Update Driver” click on it.
6. Select "Browse my computer for driver software".

7. Select "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".

8. New window opens, Click Button select all devices, choose “USB Serial Converter” in the right window (Model).  Click Next and the driver will install. 
9. New window opens, in drop down menu "Copy manufacturer's file from:" select C:\ where ever you saved the file from above. Click ok, a new window might open, click ok.

10. Everything should be installed & ready to go.

11. Check "Device Manager" & look for "USB Serial Converter", if you are showing no conflicts (yellow exclamation marks) your ready to test.

12. Plug Vagtacho lead into car & test, everything should be working.
on windows 10 there are additional steps

To enable it all you have to do is the disable the automatic checking for MS-signed drivers.

Disabling and re-enabling signed driver enforcement – execute the following from an elevated command prompt:





bcdedit /set testsigning on


bcdedit /set testsigning off



All items purchased are not returnable. Keys, remotes, software.

Any problem with keys functioning will be corrected, defective items will be replaced.

To purchase multiple items, please email with your choices, a PayPal invoice will be sent. This combines all your items, one shipment, one payment and avoids me paying multiple PayPal transaction fees.

Item picture  HAA flip key blade, oem quality copper nickel zink uncut $15 (dealers can cut these)
(no brass, no steel) these blades only fit OEM flip keys from VW, you may have trouble fitting to flip keys from China as they are slightly different

  new oval 3 button flip key remote 753F  $79.99
oval 2 button version is available 753E
works on Volkswagens up to 2001

  new square 3 button flip key remote 753T $79.99
2 button version is also available 753S
works on Volkswagen up to 2001

  new square 3 button flip key remote 753AM $79.99
the 753 DC is the same remote
works on Volkswagen up to 2002 to 2005

  used clean square 3 button flip key remote 753AM $49.99
the 753 DC is the same remote
works on most Volkswagens 2002 to 2005, new beetles to 2010

  new square 3 button flip key remote 753DJ $49.99
This is the same as the AM or DC but without the panic button
works on Volkswagens 2002 to 2005

  VW Hella Banjo Remote 99 1/2 to 2001 Golf Jetta 98 to 2001 Passat  and New Beetle  no longer available.

 Item picture 
Door lock cylinder keyed to match your Golf, Jetta, Passat. $89.99

you must email a picture of your key and inform me of which car. Lock does not come with color lock cover. email for new beetle locks.



The chip is often glued in place. Use Acetone to dissolve the glue. (fingernail polish remover)

You will need to soak it with drops for a few minutes. Do not break the chip if you are removing it.

Click here for youtube video on how to remove the logo

  VW flip key cam, pin and a logo $20 for 1998 to 2010 oem flip key that has blue/white emblem.

Here is the youtube video on how to open your flip if it is still stuck after removing logo and screw

  Used oem chrome bar battery cover for square button remote $10


VAG COM & VAG 1552 Key Activation PROCEDURE

enter 17 cluster Q
enter 02 check fault codes
05 erase fault codes
11 login, enter 0 + 4 digit skc then press Q
00 = learned values, clear learned values
10 = adaptation = # of keys you have present, arrow up or down
wait for immo key light to turn off then insert next key, turn ignition on, wait for immo light to turn off, repeat for key 3 and 4
Adaptation should be set to the number of keys that are present


system 46 Q (some cars 35)
02 read codes
05 erase codes
10 = adaptation = 00 clear learned values
01 = arrow up 4 ->(it does not matter if you have less than 4 remotes)
Q then press button on first remote, wait for park lights to flash, repeat for additional remotes
06 = end output, and you are done

If you have a 1993 to 1999 Volkswagen with the older Clarion banjo style remote click here for program instructions


Key logic

I am not here to shove the sale of extra keys down your throat, however the loss of the last or only key to your car will cost you dearly in inconvenience and money. Immobilizer cars may have to be towed to a VW dealer in order to activate a new key if you do not know your skc or have a mobile locksmith who can activate a new key in the field. It is not easy to find someone who can cut the sidewinder key. Do not assume that it can be done just anywhere. (no retail store cuts these keys) Some VW dealers will only cut the keys they sell.

Your car came with 2 flip keys and a valet function key. You can have up to 4 working keys that will start immobilizer cars. Non immo cars can have any number of keys but only 4 functioning remotes.

Any combination of flip, valet, regular main keys are possible for the 1998 to 2004 cars. The 2005 to 2010 cars can only have flip keys and valet keys.

If you have only a badly worn flip key with a loose blade and dead remote. Make that your spare and keep it in the house somewhere. Purchase 2 or 3 new keys and put them into service. Should you part with the car for some reason (wrecked it) the remote portion can be used in another Volkswagen of the same era or resold for another VW owner to use.

Regular main keys and valet keys are worthless to anyone other than the owner of the car they go to. They cannot be reused. Once they are cut, they will only work for that car. The blade cannot be replaced.

Volkswagen Flip Key Disassembley

In order to replace the battery in your Volkswagen flip key you first need to disassemble your key. This takes a bit more force than most people are willing to do, for fear of breaking it. But it won't break.
Here is how to replace the battery on the square button flip key with red led from 2000 to 20010, and how to fix the silver bar that your keychain attaches to.


Grab the flip unit with a firm grip on each end and pull very hard. Do not do this with oval button flip, use a screwdriver in the slot on the logo side and twist, to separate it.


The key will separate into two halfs.
Remote portion has the part number and manufature date
example: 1J0959753AM  34/04 = week 34 of 2004


Use the key blade to carefully pry the halfs apart in the recess if you cannot actually separate by pulling alone


This is the remote slightly separated so you can see where the seam is.


Now for the battery removal.
Chrome bar is part of the battery cover.
If you need a new chrome bar, purchase one above.


The battery is pretty simple, pop it out.

Use a pen or small screwdriver as shown.

The unmarked side faces up. Numbers down

Battery Type: One CR2032 or

oval button has two of cr1620

battery markings are face down


Here is the 15 second youtube video

MK6 flip key expolded view. If you need to replace the cam or shell.

Drive pin that is behind the flip blade (flip open) Drive pin INTO the remote about 10mm, remove the punch and spread the shell open. Shell hinges at the chrome bar end.

You can see the pin driven in. It is between the 2nd and 3rd computer chip .



You can see the shinny pin in the key pocket


MK6 flip key expolded view. If you need to replace the cam or shell.

  VW flip key cam and pin for 2011-2014 black emblem remotes $20, (not for 1998-2010)
not for the older cars 2000-2010

4 HOUSE BILL 370 Maryland
As an automotive facility, we are exempt from locksmith licensing


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